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Dare to dream notebook is your tool to both track your sleeping patterns with super easy to use (and stylish) sleep tracker and to write down your dreams on its blanc, high quality paper pages. Tracker is printed in the inner cover and it has the moon phases too, just like the Moon cycle printable tracker for your periods!). You can find the tracker also in downloadable and printable format from here.

If you’re not that into chasing the dreams in that particular sense, this notebook can of course be used in other purposes too. Keep diary, daily log, art journal or use it as a gratitude journal. Whatever suits you best!

36 pages
Cover: soft touch laminated 330gsm high quality paper
Inner pages: 170gsm high quality uncoated paper
designed and printed in Finland

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Recently I started to track more carefully my sleeping as it’s one of the biggest factors to affect the quality of life. I bet you too know the feeling when you haven’t slept enough. Some studies even say that sleep deprivations equals being heavily drunk!

So there’s no doubt of its importance. To dive in a bit deeper, I wanted to see how the sleeping hours affect to other things going on my life so I started to track them. Being lazy af I also wanted to make the tracking as easy as possible so I also made a printable tracker for that. It’s easy to keep on the nightstand or glue in your bullet journal, notebook or calendar. No drawing or DIY needed. (Oh, and it has the moon phases too, just like the Moon cycle printable tracker for periods!)

Besides just tracking the sleeping hours, I’m also started to write down my dreams. My dream journal didn’t start really well though, first week I basically wrote down a line or two saying that I don’t remember much. The breakthrough came when I realized there’s this in between state before the actual waking up when I do remember the dreams I had. After that I got myself up on that phase and yaaaas, there it was. Not crystal clear but clear enough to write almost the whole page instead of few lines!

I find it really fascinating to catch my dreams as it gives me opportunity to see what my subconscious is chewing right now. Quite a lot, it seems. 😀

To make both the tracking and writing down as enjoyable and easy as it can be, I designed this beautiful notebook that has blanc pages to write the dreams on and the sleep tracker printed inside the front cover.

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