Fuck it | greeting card


From time to time you need to to say Fuck it. Fuck those things that keep you from doing the things you should be doing.

Don’t waste your time anymore. Keep this greeting card somewhere clearly to be seen. It’s your friendly reminder of what’s truly important and say Fuck it to everything else. Fuck those energy draining people, fuck the annoying friend who always wants you to lend some money, fuck the mundane tasks that you use to procrastinate the actual ones, fuck it. Try it out and you will find yourself being more productive and happier. It’s like magic.

This friendly reminder comes in handy A6 size and if you are too lazy to google what that means, it’s 105mm x 140mm. It’s printed in white, 250g cardboard and has some lines in the backside to write if you decide to send it instead of improving your own quality of life.

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