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  • Dalgona coffee | a piece of heaven

    Have you tried Dalgona coffee yet? It’s really heavy both on sugar and in caffein but tastes soooo good! Super simple recipe below. ♡ What you need for Dalgona coffee →

  • Wreck This Journal | How we ended up splashing coffee on the floor with my daughter

    Do you know what Wreck This Journal is? Besides being a book that makes you do funny things, turns out it’s also a wonderful way to arrange some quality time with your kid.

  • Focus

    Plan, do, execute, stay focused, be your best self all the time, repeat. The better and more you do, the better and more you are. And the more you do, the more you’re trying to do tomorrow. Look cool, create, meditate, listen some music, draw, paint, sell, upsell, grow, stay hydrated, be a good mother. …