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  • Easter in images

    The feeling when you realize that the Palm Sunday is tomorrow and you have absolutely no easter crafts material at home. Let’s cut some magazines darling, shall we!

  • Freebie | Floral wallpaper for you

    Let’s get this autumn started, shall we! Download this moody, floral wallpaper for your desktop and stop f**ing procrastinating!

  • Finding yourself, your ikigai, your ideal clients and so much more | Workshops and courses

    Learning new skills and developing and discovering yourself is mainly privately done hard work but sometimes it helps to find some spark and inspiration from someone else too. I have taken several different workshops and courses during this year and last one and I think those might inspire you too.

  • About creativity, improvisation and clouds

    As I’m an entrepreneur with several companies and brands and I work in visual and creativity field, it’s sometimes hard to find the time and the mindset to do anything visual or artistic just for fun. I have found few ways to trick my mind to let go and just create.